Senate Committee on Education
June 4, 2010
Upon Adjournment
Room E

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 May 20, 2010 and May 27, 2010

 HCR20STEVE CARTERBESE - Requests the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education to make changes to the Minimum Foundation Program formula beginning with the formula adopted for the 2010-2011 school year
 HCR147HARDYSTUDENT/DISCIPLINE - Requests BESE to study the rate of suspensions and expulsions in La. and to submit a written report of findings and recommendations to the House and Senate education committees prior to the 2011 R.S.
 HCR148BADONEDUCATION/PRE-K - Requests BESE to study feasibility of consolidating administration and evaluation of the LA4 and 8(g) prekindergarten programs, to ensure that school districts receive necessary support, and to adopt identical standards for programs
 HCR179BADONSTUDENTS - Requests the Dept. of Social Services and the Dept. of Education to work collaboratively to ensure that children enter kindergarten ready to learn and to submit an annual school readiness report to the governor, legislative education committees, and BESE
 HB151CARMODYSCHOOLS/TRANSPORTATION - Authorizes the Bossier and Caddo parish school boards, in accordance with specified guidelines and limitations, to transport to school any student who resides one mile or less from the school (EN INCREASE LF EX See Note)
 HB433HARDYSCHOOLS - Requires BESE to establish a uniform grading scale for use in public schools (EN NO IMPACT EX See Note)
 HB468HOFFMANNSCHOOLS/EMPLOYEES - Provides eligibility for sabbatical leave for certified school nurses, audiologists, educational diagnosticians, and speech-language pathologists employed by state special schools and by city, parish, and other local public school systems (EN SEE FISC NOTE EX See Note)
 HB486HARRISONSCHOOLS/EMPLOYEES - Requires school guidance counselors to complete academic profiles for ninth grade students (EN +$150,000 GF EX See Note)
 HB488HARRISONSCHOOLS/BOARDS - Provides relative to continuing education for school board members and designation of Distinguished School Board Member (EN SEE FISC NOTE LF EX See Note)
 HB527SAM JONESCEMETERY/HISTORICAL - Provides for the creation of the La. Historic Cemetery Preservation Act (EN SEE FISC NOTE SD See Note)
 HB648SAM JONESSTUDENT/SCH ATTENDANCE - Repeals provisions relative to permitting certain children to withdraw from school
 HB685SAM JONESSTUDENT/SCH ATTENDANCE - Provides relative to the enrollment of certain children in attend BESE-approved adult education programs
 HB729CARMODYPUBLIC BUILDINGS/GROUNDS - Provides with respect to the sale of surplus property by school boards (EN INCREASE LF RV See Note)
 HB925BADONEDUCATION ACCOUNTABILITY - Provides relative to school and district accountability in elementary and secondary education (EN NO IMPACT EX See Note)
 HB962STEVE CARTERSCHOOLS/CHARTER - Provides relative to the review process for charter school applications (EN SEE FISC NOTE EX See Note)
 HB1188HARDYSCHOOLS/TRANSPORTATION - Regarding the Lafayette Parish school system, provides relative to the transportation of students on field trips (EG -$355,314 LF EX See Note)
 HB1276HARDYSCHOOL BUS DRIVERS - Requires a school bus operator to report his arrest for specified offenses involving operating a vehicle
 HB1368J.H.SMITHEDUCATION - Authorizes BESE to exempt a school district from certain laws, rules, and regulations pursuant to a request and proposal for increasing quality of instruction and academic achievement from the school district (EN SEE FISC NOTE EX See Note)
 HB1442CARMODYSCHOOLS/EMPLOYEES - Provides relative to reporting by public school employees of irregularities or improprieties in the administration of standardized tests
 HB1458LABRUZZOSCHOOLS/BOARDS - Provides relative to cyberbullying and student codes of conduct adopted by local school boards