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House Committee Meetings - Weekly Schedules
AppropriationsThu 6/01 8:00 a.m.Room 5    Cancelled
EducationThu 6/01 10:00 a.m.Room 1    Cancelled

Senate Committee Meetings
EducationThu 6/01 9:00 AMJohn J. Hainkel, Jr. Room    In Progress Watch the meeting now!
Natural ResourcesThu 6/01 9:00 a.m.Room A-B    Adjourned
Local and Municipal AffairsThu 6/01 9:30 A.M.Room F    Scheduled
Transportation, Highways and Public WorksThu 6/01 10:30 a.m.Room E    Scheduled
Revenue and Fiscal AffairsThu 6/01 12:30 P.M.Room A-B    Scheduled

Joint Committee Meetings
Water Sector CommissionFri 6/02 8:00 a.m.Room 4    Scheduled
Joint Legislative Committee on the BudgetFri 6/02 9:00 a.m.Room 5    Scheduled
Louisiana Transportation AuthorityMon 6/05 9:00 a.m.Room C    Scheduled
America 250 Louisiana State CommissionTue 6/06 1:00 P.M.Louisiana State Archives, Baton Rouge    Scheduled

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