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      RS 46:1813     


§1813.  Emergency awards

A.  If it appears to the board prior to its taking action on a claim that an award likely will be made and that undue hardship will result to the claimant if no immediate economic relief is provided, the board may make an emergency award to the claimant pending its final decision in the case.  The amount of an emergency award shall not exceed five hundred dollars.

B.  The amount of any emergency award shall be deducted from any final award made to the claimant receiving the emergency award.  The claimant shall repay to the board the excess of the emergency award over the final award, or the full amount if no final award is made.  However, the board may waive all or part of the repayment if in its judgment repayment would cause severe financial hardship.  

Added by Acts 1982, No. 250, §1, eff. July 17, 1982.  

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