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      RS 51:1002     


§1002.  Board member

NOTE: AS ENACTED BY ACTS 1960, NO. 389, §2:

The governor shall appoint one member of the Southern Interstate Nuclear Board as established by Article II of the Compact.  Said member shall serve at the pleasure of the governor for a term of four years and may be reappointed.  If said member of the Board shall be the head of a regularly constituted department or agency of this state, he may designate a subordinate officer or employee of his department or agency to serve in his stead as permitted by Article II(a) of the Compact and in conformity with any applicable by-laws of the Board.  


§1002.  Southern States Energy Board

A.  There is hereby created an agency of the party states to be known as the Southern States Energy Board, hereinafter called the board.  The board shall be composed of three members from each party state, one of whom shall be appointed or designated in each state to represent the governor, the State Senate, and the State House of Representatives, respectively.  Each member shall be designated or appointed in accordance with the law of the state which he represents and serving and subject to removal in accordance with such law.  Any member of the board may provide for the discharge of his duties and the performance of his functions thereon, either for the duration of his membership or for any lesser period of time, by a deputy or assistant, if the laws of his state make specific provisions therefor.  The federal government may be represented without vote if provision is made by federal law for such representation.  

B.  Each party state shall be entitled to one vote on the board, to be determined by majority vote of each member or member's representative from the party state present and voting on any question.  No action of the board shall be binding unless taken at a meeting at which a majority of all party states are represented and unless a majority of the total number of votes on the board are cast in favor thereof.  

C.  The board shall elect annually, from among its members, a chairman, a vice chairman, and a treasurer.  The board shall appoint an executive director who shall serve at its pleasure and who shall also act as secretary, and who, together with the treasurer, shall be bonded in such amounts as the board may require.  

D.  The executive director, with the approval of the board, shall appoint and remove or discharge such personnel as may be necessary for the performance of the board's functions irrespective of the civil service, personnel or other merit system laws of any of the party states.  

E.  The board may establish and maintain, independently or in conjunction with any one or more of the party states, a suitable retirement system for its full-time employees.  Employees of the board shall be eligible for social security coverage in respect of old age and survivors insurance, provided that the board takes such steps as may be necessary pursuant to federal law to participate in such program of insurance as a governmental agency or unit.  The board may establish and maintain or participate in such additional programs of employee benefits as may be appropriate.

F.  The board may borrow, accept, or contract for the services of personnel from any state or the United States or any subdivision or agency thereof, from any interstate agency, or from any institution, person, firm, or corporation.  

G.  The board may accept for any of its purposes and functions under this compact any and all donations, and grants of money, equipment, supplies, materials, and services, conditional or otherwise, from any state or the United States or any subdivision or agency thereof, or interstate agency, or from any institution, person, firm, or corporation, and may receive, utilize, and dispose of the same.  

H.  The board may establish and maintain such facilities as may be necessary for the transacting of its business.  The board may acquire, hold, and convey real and personal property and any interest therein.

I.  The board shall adopt bylaws, rules, and regulations for the conduct of its business, and shall have the power to amend and rescind these bylaws, rules, and regulations.  The board shall publish its bylaws, rules, and regulations in convenient form and shall file a copy thereof, and shall also file a copy of any amendment thereto, with the appropriate agency or officer in each of the party states.  

J.  The board annually shall make to the governor of each party state, a report covering the activities of the board for the preceding year, and embodying such recommendations as may have been adopted by the board, which report shall be transmitted to the legislature of said state.  The board may issue such additional reports as it may deem desirable.  

Acts 1979, No. 576, §1.

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