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      RS 51:1005     


§1005.  Powers


The board shall have power to:

A.  Ascertain and analyze on a continuing basis the position of the South with respect to energy, energy related industries, and environmental concerns.  

B.  Encourage the development, conservation, and responsible use of energy and energy related facilities, installations, and products as part of a balanced economy and healthy environment.  

C.  Collect, correlate, and disseminate information relating to civilian uses of energy and energy related materials and products.  

D.  Conduct, or cooperate in conducting, programs of training for state and local personnel engaged in any aspect of:

(1)  Energy, environment, and application of energy, environmental and related concerns to industry, medicine, or education or the promotion or regulation thereof.  

(2)  The formulation or administration of measures designed to promote safety in any matter related to the development, use or disposal of energy and energy related materials, products, installations, or wastes.  

E.  Organize and conduct, or assist and cooperate in organizing and conducting, demonstrations on energy product, material, or equipment use and disposal and of proper techniques or processes for the application of energy resources to the civilian economy or general welfare.  

F.  Undertake such nonregulatory functions with respect to sources of radiation as may promote the economic development and general welfare of the region.  

G.  Study industrial, health, safety, and other standards, laws, codes, rules, regulations, and administrative practices in or related to energy and environmental fields.  

H.  Recommend such changes in, or amendments or additions to the laws, codes, rules, regulations, administrative procedures and practices or ordinances of the party states in any of the fields of its interest and competence as in its judgment may be appropriate.  Any such recommendation shall be made through the appropriate state agency with due consideration of the desirability of uniformity but shall also give appropriate weight to any special circumstances which may justify variations to meet local conditions.  

I.  Prepare, publish and distribute, with or without charge, such reports, bulletins, newsletters or other material as it deems appropriate.  

J.  Cooperate with the United States Department of Energy or any agency successor thereto, any other officer or agency of the United States, and any other governmental unit or agency or officer thereof, and with any private persons or agencies in any of the fields of its interests.  

K.  Act as licensee of the United States Government or any party state with respect to the conduct of any research activity requiring such license and operate such research facility or undertake any program pursuant thereto.  

L.  Ascertain from time to time such methods, practices, circumstances, and conditions as may bring about the prevention and control of energy and environmental incidents in the area comprising the party states, to coordinate the nuclear, environmental and other energy related incident prevention and control plans and the work relating thereto of the appropriate agencies of the party states and to facilitate the rendering of aid by the party states to each other in coping with energy and environmental incidents.  The board may formulate and, in accordance with need from time to time, revise a regional plan or regional plans for coping with energy and environmental incidents within the territory of the party states as a whole or within any subregion or subregions of the geographic area covered by this compact.  

Acts 1979, No. 576, §1.  

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