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      RS 51:1154     


§1154.  Articles of incorporation

In addition to the requirements of Title 12 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, the articles of incorporation shall set forth:

1.  The names and residences of the applicants, together with a recital that each of them is an elector of the municipality or the parish;

2.  The name of the corporation, which shall be the Industrial Development Board of the ________ of _______, Inc.  (the blank spaces to be filled in with the name of the municipality or parish, including the proper designation thereof as a city, town or parish);

3.  A recital that permission to organize the corporation has been granted by resolution duly adopted by the governing body of the municipality or parish and the date of the adoption of such resolution; and

4.  The location of the principal office of the corporation, which shall be in the municipality or parish.  

Acts 1962, No. 436, §4.  Amended by Acts 1964, No. 433, §1; Acts 1972, No. 103, §4, emerg. eff. June 25, 1972, at 6:15 P.M.  

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