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      RS 51:1165     


§1165.  Chapter cumulative; no notice required

Neither this chapter nor anything herein contained shall be construed as a restriction or limitation upon any powers which the corporation otherwise might have under any laws of this state, but shall be construed as cumulative of any such powers.  No proceedings, notice or approval shall be required for the organization of the corporation or the issuance of any bonds or any instrument as security therefor, except as is herein provided, any other law to the contrary notwithstanding, provided, that nothing herein shall be construed to deprive the state and its governmental subdivisions of their respective police powers over any properties of the corporation, or to impair any police power thereover of any official or agency of the state and its governmental subdivisions which may be otherwise provided by law.  

Acts 1962, No. 436, §15.  Amended by Acts 1972, No. 103, §11, emerg. eff. June 25, 1972, at 6:15 P.M.  

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