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      RS 51:1265     


§1265.  Logo for authentic Louisiana Cajun-Creole cuisine

A.  The office of tourism is hereby authorized to develop and adopt an official logo to indicate authentic Louisiana Cajun-Creole cuisine in this state as follows:

(1)  The office may register the logo as a trademark and may take appropriate steps to protect the logo from misuse or infringement.

(2)  The office may license the use of the logo and may adopt rules for determining which persons will be allowed to use the logo.

(3)  The office may establish, by rule, fees to be charged for the use of the logo.

(4)  The office may expend funds to promote the logo.

B.  The office may promulgate any other rules and regulations that it may deem necessary for the implementation and administration of this Section.

C.  Any restaurant located in Louisiana shall be eligible to utilize the Louisiana Cajun-Creole cuisine logo.

Acts 1997, No. 1007, §1.

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