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      RS 51:128     


§128.  Injunction at suit of state; petition and citation; temporary relief; process as to parties not joined

The district courts have jurisdiction to prevent and restrain violations of this Part, and the Attorney General or the district attorneys in their respective districts under the direction of the Attorney General or the governor, shall institute proceedings to prevent and restrain violations.  Proceedings shall be by way of petition and by citation, setting forth the case and praying that the violations be enjoined, or otherwise prohibited.  When the parties complained of have been duly notified of the petition, the court shall proceed, as soon as practicable, to the hearing and determination of the case.  Pending such action and before the final decree, the court may at any time issue a temporary restraining order if it is just in the premises.  Whenever other parties are required, the court may summon them whether they reside in the parish in which the court is held or not, and the subpoenas may be served in any parish by the sheriff thereof.  

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