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      RS 51:1282     


§1282.  Legislative findings and determinations; creation of district

A.  The legislature hereby finds and determines that the state has a role and responsibility in the development of the tourism industry as a means of assisting with the continuing economic problems of the state.  The legislature further finds that as a result of the financial condition of the state it has become increasingly difficult to adequately fund tourism promotion.  As a result of the foregoing, the legislature determines it essential and necessary to create a tourism assistance district and provide for it a source of revenue in order that it may engage in tourism promotion and development.  

B.  In furtherance of the aforesaid objective, the state does hereby create a special district to be known as the "Louisiana Tourism Promotion District", as a special taxing district whose boundaries are coterminous with the state of Louisiana and which shall be a body politic and corporate and a political subdivision of the state with all of the powers of a political subdivision and with such further powers and functions as are set forth in this Subpart.  It is hereby determined that the creation of the district and the carrying out of its public purpose is in all respects a public and governmental purpose for the improvement of the health, safety, welfare, comfort, and security of the people of the state, and that said purposes are public purposes and that the district will be performing an essential governmental function and meeting a public obligation in the exercise of the powers conferred upon it by this Subpart.  

Acts 1990, No. 1038, §1, eff. July 26, 1990.  

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