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      RS 51:1412     


§1412.  Investigative depositions

A.  When the attorney general has evidence that a person has engaged in or is engaged in any method, act, or practice declared to be unlawful by this Chapter, and when they believe it to be in the public interest that an investigation should be made to ascertain whether a person in fact has engaged in or is engaging in any act or practice declared to be unlawful by this Chapter in connection with such investigation, the attorney general may issue an investigative subpoena for deposition testimony to be served by the sheriff or a post-certified commissioned law enforcement officer employed by the attorney general or through long-arm to a foreign corporation upon any person who is believed to have information, documentary material, or physical evidence relevant to the alleged or suspected violation, for the purpose of revealing, identifying, or explaining documentary material or other physical evidence sought under R.S. 51:1411.  Such investigative subpoena shall contain a description of the unlawful method, act, or practice under investigation, and a notice informing the prospective deponent of his right to counsel at the deposition with opportunity for cross-examination, and such deposition shall be conducted at the principal place of business of the deponent, at his place of residence, at his domicile, or, if agreeable to the deponent, at some other place convenient to the attorney general or the director and the lawful and designated attorney representative of the deponent.  Such deposition shall be held at a reasonable time, as may be stated in the investigative subpoena.

B.  At any time before the return date specified in the investigative subpoena, or within twenty days after the subpoena has been served, whichever is shorter, a petition stating good cause for a protective order to extend the return date, or to modify or set aside the subpoena, may be filed in the district court having civil jurisdiction in the parish where the person served with the subpoena resides or has his principal place of business.

C.  If no protective order from the court is secured and the investigative subpoena is not complied with by the return date thereof, the attorney general may apply to the court for an order compelling compliance with the subpoena under R.S. 51:1413.

Added by Acts 1972, No. 759, §1; Acts 2006, No. 218, §1, eff. June 2, 2006.

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