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      RS 51:143     


§143.  Discovery; application for order; notice

The Attorney General or district attorney acting under him, or the governor, before beginning an action under this Part may present to the court a written application for an order directing any person, as the Attorney General or district attorney requires, to appear before any judge, clerk of court, or notary public designated in the order, and answer relevant and material questions put to them concerning any illegal contract, combination, or conspiracy in restraint of trade or commerce, or to create a monopoly under this Part, and if it appears to the court to which the application is made that an order is necessary or expedient, the order shall be granted.  The order shall be granted without notice, but if notice is required by the court to which the application is made, an order to show cause why the application shall not be granted shall be made and shall contain a temporary restraining order that appears proper to the court, and specifies the time and the place the witnesses are required to appear.  

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