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      RS 51:1701     


§1701.  Fees and deposits

A.  No rental referral agency shall charge or attempt to collect any fees or other things of value from persons given access to rental listings, except where rental housing is in fact obtained by such persons from the listings of or through the assistance of that agency.  Such housing is deemed obtained when the prospective tenant has accepted the owner's offer to rent the property.  

B.  Deposits to be applied toward fees may be required by a rental referral agency in conjunction with a written contract stating:

(1)  Specifications of housing sought by the applicant, including maximum rent, geographic area, number of bedrooms required, and number of children to be housed;

(2)  That the agency will use its best efforts to find such housing for the applicant;

(3)  That the deposit will be refunded within ten days of the applicant's request should the specified housing not be obtained through the agency's listings or assistance within one month of the date of the contract.

Added by Acts 1979, No. 407, §1.  

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