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      RS 51:1725     


§1725.  Mail solicitations for contest participation

A.(1)  No person or entity shall solicit an individual by mail to participate in a contest unless such solicitation contains either of the following:

(a)  A statement of the odds that a participant making a single entry in such contest has of winning each item offered as a gift, prize, or thing of value.

(b)  A statement that the odds depend upon the number of entries received.

(2)  Such a statement shall be clearly and conspicuously printed on the face of the solicitation in bold type of at least twelve points or shall be contained in a section with contest rules.

B.  Each violation of this Section shall constitute an unfair practice under R.S. 51:1405(A) and shall be punishable as provided in R.S. 51:1722(B).

Acts 1995, No. 1169, §1.

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