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      RS 51:1904.1     


§1904.1.  Disclosures

It is an unfair and deceptive act or practice for a professional solicitor, in connection with any charitable solicitation, to:

(1)  Fail to provide all of the following information prior to an oral charitable solicitation or at the same time a written charitable solicitation is made:

(a)  A clear and conspicuous statement that the solicitation is being performed by a for-profit fundraising firm.

(b)  The identity of the for-profit fundraising firm.

(c)  The specific charitable purpose for which the charitable solicitation is being conducted.

(2)  Fail to provide any of the following information if requested by the consumer:

(a)  The percentage of funds solicited which are designated for the charitable organization.

(b)  The percentage of funds solicited which are designated for the for-profit fundraising firm.

(c)  The percentage of funds to the charitable organization that are used for a charitable purpose.

Acts 1995, No. 1053, §1.

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