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      RS 51:1925     


§1925.  Certification of a capital company

A.  The commissioner shall provide by rule or regulation in accordance with the provisions of the Administrative Procedure Act for the procedures for making an application for certification of a capital company.

B.  The commissioner shall review the articles of incorporation or the articles of partnership or articles of organization of each applicant for certification and the business history of the applicant, determine that the capitalization is at least two hundred thousand dollars, and determine that the officers, board of directors, partners, managers, or members are thoroughly acquainted with the requirements of the capital company's tax credit program and the certification and decertification procedures.

C.  Within sixty days of application, the commissioner shall issue the certification and notify the Department of Revenue and the commissioner of insurance of said certification or shall refuse the certification and communicate in detail to the applicant the grounds for the refusal, including suggestions for the removal of those grounds.

D.  The commissioner shall furnish a list of persons or businesses who may claim the tax credit to the Department of Revenue and the commissioner of insurance on a calendar year quarterly basis following receipt of such quarterly information as provided for under R.S. 51:1926(F).

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