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      RS 51:2132     


§2132.  Child performer contract; scope

A.  The provisions of this Chapter shall apply to any contract in which a minor is employed or agrees to render artistic or creative services for compensation of five hundred dollars or more in this state which is not otherwise prohibited under Chapter 3 of Title 23 of the Louisiana Revised Statutes of 1950, directly or through a third-party individual or personal services corporation, a loan-out company, or through an agency or service that provides artistic or creative services including, but not limited to, a casting agency or other similar entity.

B.  As used in this Chapter, "artistic or creative services" includes, but is not limited to, services as an actor, actress, dancer, musician, comedian, singer, stunt-person, voice-over artist or other performer or entertainer in any motion picture, television, radio, theatrical or sports production or commercial production.

Acts 2005, No. 147, §2.

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