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      RS 51:2181     


§2181.  Quarterly meetings between residents and the facility governing body

The board of directors or other governing body of a continuing care facility or their designated representative shall hold annual meetings with the residents of the continuing care facility for free discussions of subjects including, but not limited to, income, expenditures, and financial trends and problems as they apply to the facility and discussions of proposed changes in policies, programs, and services.  Residents shall be entitled to at least seven days advance notice of each meeting.  An agenda and any materials that will be distributed by the governing body at the meetings shall remain available upon request to residents.  For the remaining three quarters of any year, the facility administrator or the manager shall schedule and participate in quarterly meetings, on behalf of the board of directors or other governing body, in conformity with the requirements of this Section.

Acts 1987, No. 483, §1.

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