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      RS 51:2183     


§2183.  Advertisements; requirements

A.  The department shall establish by regulation standards to prevent any advertisement offering continuing care agreements which is untrue, deceptive, misleading, or which contains misrepresentations or omissions of material facts.  The regulation shall include provisions for enforcement of advertising standards including, but not limited to, cease and desist orders, injunctions, administrative fines, and revocation of registration pursuant to other provisions of this Chapter.

B.  A provider shall not publish any advertisement offering continuing care agreements subject to the registration requirement of this Chapter unless a true copy of the advertisement is filed with the department contemporaneously with the first publication of the advertisement.

C.  Any report, circular, public announcement, certificate, financial statement, or other printed matter or advertising material which is designed or used to solicit or induce persons to enter into any agreement providing for the transfer of property, conditioned upon an agreement to furnish continuing care for life or for a term of years, and which lists or refers to the name of any individual or organization as being interested in, or connected with, the person, association, or corporation that is to perform the contract, shall clearly state the extent of financial responsibility assumed by that individual or organization for the person, association, or corporation and the fulfillment of its agreements.

D.  This Subsection does not impose liability, civil or criminal, upon a person or publisher who is regularly engaged in the business of publishing a bona fide newspaper or operating a radio or television station and who, acting solely in his official capacity, publishes an advertisement in good faith and without knowledge that the advertisement or publication constitutes a violation of this Chapter.

Acts 1987, No. 483, §1.

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