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      RS 51:2424     


§2424.  Disclosure

A.  No insurer shall specify the use of non-OEM aftermarket crash parts in the repair of an insured's motor vehicle, nor shall a repair facility or installer use non-OEM aftermarket parts to repair a vehicle, unless the insured is so advised in writing.

B.  In all instances where non-OEM aftermarket crash parts are intended for use by an insurer:

(1)  The written estimate shall clearly identify each such part.

(2)  A disclosure document containing the following information in ten point type or larger type shall appear on or be attached to the insured's copy of the estimate: "This estimate has been prepared based on the use of crash parts supplied by a source other than the manufacturer of your motor vehicle.  Warranties applicable to these replacement parts are provided by the manufacturer or distributor of these parts rather than the manufacturer of your vehicle."

Acts 1990, No. 765, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 1991.

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