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      RS 51:281     



§281. Registration; condition precedent to licensing

           No person shall transact any business under an assumed name or under any designation, name or style, corporate or otherwise, other than the real name of the individual conducting the business, unless such person files in the office of the register of conveyances in the city of New Orleans, or the clerk of court, as the case may be, of the parish or parishes in which the person conducts or intends to conduct the business, a certificate setting forth the name under which the business is to be conducted and the real full name of the person owning, conducting or transacting the business, with the post office address of such person. This certificate shall be executed and duly acknowledged before a notary public by the person conducting or intending to conduct the business. No sheriff and ex-officio tax collector or other person designated by law to collect and receipt for licenses shall issue any receipt to any person referred to in this Subpart, without having had presented to such collector a certificate from the register of conveyances in the city of New Orleans, or the clerk of court showing that such person has complied with the provisions of this Subpart.

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