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      RS 51:37     


§37.  License; removal of goods

The license required by R.S. 51:33 shall be valid only for a sale of the goods inventoried and described in the application for the license, in the manner and at the time and place mentioned and set forth in the application.  Any removal of the goods so inventoried and described in the application from the place of sale mentioned in the application, shall cause the goods to lose their identity as an insurance, bankrupt, mortgaged, insolvent's, assignee's, executor's, administrator's, receiver's, or trustee's stock of goods, or a damaged stock of goods, and thereafter no license shall be issued for the conducting of a sale of any goods so removed from the place set forth and described in the application, under the provisions of this Part at any other place.  

Acts 1986, No. 806, §1.  

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