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      RS 51:426     


§426. Exemptions

           The provisions of this Subpart shall not apply to sales at retail or sales at wholesale:

           (1) Where merchandise is sold in bona fide clearance sales, if advertised, marked, and sold as such;

           (2) Where perishable merchandise must be sold promptly in order to forestall loss;

           (3) Where merchandise is imperfect or damaged, or is being discontinued and is advertised, marked and sold as such;

           (4) Where merchandise is sold upon the final liquidation of any business;

           (5) Where merchandise is sold for charitable purposes or to relief agencies;

           (6) Where merchandise is sold on contract to departments of the government or governmental institutions;

           (7) Where merchandise is sold in good faith to meet that competition which permits a competitor to sell at a lesser price where such competitor is able to do so without violating the terms and conditions of this Subpart;

           (8) Where merchandise is sold by any officer acting under the order or direction of any court;

           (9) Where the merchandise is sold by the manufacturer or producer thereof.

           Amended by Acts 1952, No. 181, §1.

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