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      RS 51:441     



§441.  Definitions

(1)  "Commission" means compensation paid a sales representative by a principal in an amount based on a percentage of the dollar amount of certain orders for or sales of the principal's product.

(2)  "Principal" means a person who:

(a)  Repealed by Acts 1995, No. 487, §2.

(b)  Manufactures, produces, imports, or distributes a product for sale to customers who purchase the product for resale;

(c)  Uses a sales representative to solicit orders for the product; and

(d)  Compensates the sales representative in whole or in part by commission.

(3)  "Sales representative" means a person who solicits, on behalf of a principal, orders for the purchase at wholesale of the principal's product.

(4)  "Termination" means the end of services performed by a sales representative for a principal whether by discharge, resignation, or expiration of a contract.

Acts 1988, No. 774, §1, eff. July 18, 1988; Acts 1995, No. 487, §§1, 2.

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