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      RS 51:461     



§461.  Unsolicited merchandise; obligation of recipient

A.  No person, firm, partnership, association or corporation shall offer for sale in any manner any goods, wares or merchandise if the offer includes the voluntary and unsolicited sending of such goods, wares or merchandise not ordered or requested by the recipient, either orally or in writing.  All such goods, wares or merchandise shall be deemed to be an unconditional gift to the recipient, and he may use or dispose of such goods, wares or merchandise in any manner he sees fit without any obligation to the sender.

B.  If the sender of such goods, wares or merchandise continues to send bill statements or requests for payment therefor, the recipient may institute proceedings to enjoin such action.  In addition, the sender may be liable for reasonable attorney fees and the costs of court.  

Added by Acts 1970, No. 10, §1.  

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