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      RS 51:471     




§471.  Parts supply to be kept in state by manufacturers, wholesalers, or their agents

All manufacturers or wholesale dealers or their general state agents who sell or offer for sale any tractors, threshers, binders, plows, discs, seeders, or any other implement used in agricultural pursuits in this state, shall within sixty days after any sale and at all times thereafter, maintain a full and adequate supply of parts for repairs at not less than one point within the state, so as to enable any purchaser or user to obtain at any time, any part for the purpose of repairing or replacing any broken, worn out or defective part of the implement, without the necessity of awaiting a shipment from the factory, or some other point located outside of the state.  Nothing in this Section shall apply to the owner of a second hand implement, who sells or offers it for sale.  

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