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      RS 51:490     


§490.  Reimbursement for handling costs

A.  The agent shall also pay the dealer or credit his account a sum equal to five percent of the current net price for all parts returned under the provisions of R.S. 51:485 for the handling, packing, and loading of such parts back to the agent.  The five percent shall not be paid or credited to the dealer if the agent elects to perform the inventorying, packing, loading, and transportation of the parts itself.  Transportation charges shall be paid by the agent.  

B.  The dealer or agent shall furnish a representative to inspect all parts and certify their acceptability as they are being packed for shipment.  Should a representative of the agent not be provided within forty-five days, the parish sheriff shall be appointed in the agent's capacity with the agent responsible for all cost of the appointment.  

Acts 1991, No. 627, §1.  

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