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      RS 51:50     


§50.  Expiration and return of licensure; lost licenses

A.  Upon its expiration, voluntary surrender prior to expiration, or lapse of extension granted pursuant to R.S. 51:49(B)(2), each license issued pursuant to this Part shall be returned to the consumer protection section.  Such section shall cancel the license, endorse the date of delivery and cancellation on the license, and place the cancelled license on file.

B.  If a license issued pursuant to this Part has been lost or destroyed, a licensee shall file an affidavit with the consumer protection section.  Such affidavit shall describe the license with sufficient particularity to identify the license and licensee and shall specify such loss or destruction.  The consumer protection section, upon proof of such loss or destruction, may accept such affidavit in lieu of the return of a license required by Subsection A of this Section.

Acts 1995, No. 669, §1.

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