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      RS 51:522     


§522.  Unlawful acts; false or misleading advertising or practices; secret gifts; inaccurate bills; lotteries; demonstrators

No drug retailer shall use advertising or selling methods which refer inaccurately in any material particular to any competitor or his merchandise, prices, values, credit terms, policies or services, nor use selling methods which tend to deceive or mislead the customer, nor use advertising which lays claim to a policy or a continuing practice of generally underselling competitors.  

No drug retailer shall give secretly anything of value to a customer or to the employee or agent of a customer for the purpose of influencing a sale or, in furtherance of a sale, render a bill or statement of account to the employee, agent or customer which is inaccurate in any material particular; nor sell or offer for sale any merchandise at less than cost or upon a condition which involves a lottery, gamble, or other element of chance; nor permit any demonstrator or sales employee whose salary is wholly or partially paid by a manufacturer or distributor to work in his establishment, unless the demonstrator or sales employee is clearly and openly identified as the agent of the manufacturer or distributor.  

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