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      RS 51:665     


§665.  Violation; injunction; forfeiture of corporate charter and privileges

The district courts have jurisdiction to grant injunctions restraining violations of this Part upon proceedings brought by the Attorney General, the district attorney or any party in interest.  The procedure shall be by petition and citation as in other causes and the court has power to issue such temporary restraining orders as may be just in the premises.  Where necessary, the court may subpoena parties residing out of the parish in order to properly dispose of the case.  For repeated violations of this Part, the court may enjoin a finance company or finance agency from engaging in the business of financing the purchase or sale of motor vehicles in this state.  

Where the violator is a corporation, domestic or foreign, the charter rights, franchises or privileges of such corporation or the privilege of doing business in this state may be revoked in a quo warranto proceeding brought by the Attorney General or the district attorney for the district.  In such proceeding, the court shall enter an order or decree that it thinks proper to carry into effect the provisions of this Part and to prevent unfair competition and prohibit monopolies.  

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