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      RS 51:717     


§717.  Appeals

An appeal may be taken by any person interested from any final order of the commissioner to the Nineteenth Judicial District Court by filing a petition therein against the commissioner, officially as defendant, within twenty days after notice of the entry of such order and stating in said petition the grounds upon which a reversal of such final order is sought.  Such petition may be accompanied by a demand upon the commissioner for a certified transcript of the record and of all papers on file in his office affecting or relating to such order and such demand may be granted by the court and an order may be issued by the court ordering the production of a transcript of such records upon the furnishing of bond by the plaintiff with good and sufficient security, to be approved by the court, conditioned upon the faithful prosecution of such action to final judgment and upon the payment of all costs including costs of making such transcript.  Thereupon, the commissioner shall within ten days make, certify and file with the clerk of said court such a transcript, or, in lieu thereof, the original papers if the court shall so order.  Such suit shall be given precedence by the court over all matters pending in said court.  The court shall receive and consider the evidence, both oral and documentary concerning the order of the commissioner objected to by the plaintiff.  If the order of the commissioner shall be reversed, the court shall enter such judgment, order, and decree as the equities and exigencies may require, directing the commissioner as to his further action in the matter, including the making and entering of any order or orders in connection therewith, and the conditions, limitations, and restrictions to be therein contained, provided that the commissioner shall not thereby be barred from thereafter revoking or altering such order for any proper cause which may thereafter accrue or be discovered.  If said order shall be affirmed, said plaintiff shall not be barred after thirty days from filing a new application, provided such new application is not otherwise barred or limited.  The court shall not in any wise suspend the operation of any order of the commissioner during the pendency of the action.  Mere technical irregularities in the procedure of the commissioner shall be disregarded and the burden shall rest on the plaintiff to prove his rights to a reversal of the order of the commissioner.  A devolutive appeal may be taken from the judgment of the district court on the same terms and conditions as an appeal is taken in other civil actions.  

Acts 1985, No. 722, §1.  

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