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      RS 51:721     


§721.  Burden of proving exemption; certificate of compliance or noncompliance as evidence; admissibility of copies of records

A.  In any action, civil or criminal, where a defense is based upon any exemption provided for in this Part, the burden of proving the existence of the exemption shall be upon the party raising such defense.  

B.  In any action, civil or criminal, a certificate signed and sealed by the commissioner, stating compliance or non-compliance with this Part, shall constitute prima facie evidence of such compliance or non-compliance with this Part and shall be admissible in any such action.  

C.  In any action, civil or criminal, copies, photostatic or otherwise, certified by the commissioner of any documents filed in his office and of any of his records shall be admissible with the same effect as the original of such documents or records would have if actually produced.  

D.  Any person claiming the right to register any securities by notification under R.S. 51:705 shall also have the burden of establishing the right so to register such securities.  

Acts 1985, No. 722, §1.  

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