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      RS 51:911.24.1     


§911.24.1.  Manufactured home retailer manufacturer relationship; warranty work; requirements upon termination; penalty; indemnity

A.(1)  In the event that a retailer ceases to do business with a manufacturer due to any of the following:  the manufacturer refuses to honor an agreed upon sales territory; the manufacturer refuses to pay warranty claims within sixty days or perform major warranty work beyond the scope expected of a retailer within sixty days; or the manufacturer can no longer deliver the product requested by the retailer in a reasonable and timely manner, then after notice thereof to the manufacturer by registered or certified mail return receipt requested within thirty days thereafter, the manufacturer, at a minimum, shall repurchase all new and unused manufactured homes of the current or immediately prior model year and parts on hand that have not been damaged or substantially altered to the prejudice of the manufacturer while in the possession of the retailer and all required demonstrators.

(2)  The manufacturer shall make the required repurchase after the retailer terminates his franchise, sales, or other contractual agreement and within sixty days of the submission by the retailer to the manufacturer, by registered or certified mail return receipt requested, of a final inventory of manufactured homes and parts on hand.

(3)  Failure to make said repurchase without just cause shall subject the manufacturer to a penalty of one and one-half percent per month or fraction thereof of the inventory value of returnable manufactured homes and parts, payable to the retailer, as long as said repurchase is not made.

B.  Any warranty work performed by a manufactured home retailer pursuant to a manufacturer's warranty shall be reimbursed by the manufacturer within sixty days of invoicing for such services at a labor rate equal to but not in excess of the labor rate in effect at that retail dealership at the time that the warranty work is performed.  The reimbursement amount shall also include reasonable costs for parts and mileage related to the performance of such warranty work.

C.  Notwithstanding the terms of any franchise, sales, or other contractual agreement, each manufacturer shall indemnify and hold harmless its retailers against any judgment for damages, including but not limited to court costs and reasonable attorney fees of the retailer, arising out of complaints, claims, or lawsuits including but not limited to strict liability, negligence, misrepresentation, express or implied warranty, or rescission of sale to the extent that the judgment arises out of alleged defective or negligent manufacture, assembly, or design of manufactured homes, parts, or accessories or other functions of the manufacturer, which are beyond the control of the retailer.

D.  Prior to making a change in the area of responsibility described in the franchise, sales, or other contractual agreement or sales and service agreement of a retailer, the franchisor or manufacturer shall give said retailer no less than sixty days prior written notice by certified or registered mail.

Acts 1997, No. 907, §1; Acts 2001, No. 718, §2.

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