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      RS 51:912.24     


§912.24.  Installation standards for anchors and tie-downs

The following specifications are standards set for used manufactured homes when manufacturer's installation instructions and specifications are not available:

(1)  Anchors:

(a)  All auger anchors shall be a minimum of thirty inches in height.

(b)  All anchors shall be tested to an ultimate load of four thousand seven hundred twenty-five pounds.

(2)  Frame ties:

(a)  Used units where the manufacturer's specifications are not available shall be anchored every ten feet in Zone I, eight feet in Zone II, and six feet in Zone III, with anchors placed within two feet of each end.

(b)  Frame ties shall make at least one complete wrap around the chassis or frame and shall be looped from the top of the I-beam to the anchor.  However, some frame tie straps may have to extend from the bottom of the I-beam or the I-beam on the opposite side to assure the proper angle due to the height of the home.

(c)  Each frame tie shall be installed to the component manufacturer's instructions.

(d)  All frame ties shall be secured to one of the main steel I-beams that run the length of the home.

(3)  Marriage wall or centerline ridge beam column ties, shear wall ties, and frames ties:

(a)  Multiple section homes are to be secured at the centerline with straps or cables to the specifications in the manufacturer's manual or at the locations designated on the home.

(b)  Used multiple section homes shall have anchors installed at all factory-installed anchor strap connections, including ridge beam column straps, shear wall straps or attachments, or other locations designated by the manufacturer.

(4)  Multiple section homes shall be mechanically fastened every twenty-four inches at the bottom, end walls, and roof.  A minimum thirty-gauge, eight-inch-wide, galvanized strip shall be centered over the peak and fastened with galvanized roofing nails at two inches on center at both sides of center line.

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