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      RS 51:912.25     


§912.25. Installation standards for used manufactured homes in hurricane zones

            When the manufacturer's printed setup requirements are not available for the applicable wind zone, the following guidelines are to be used:

            (1) All anchors shall be listed for four thousand seven hundred twenty-five pounds ultimate load.

            (2) Longitudinal ties only are required at each end of each unit. The minimum number of ties at a minimum angle of forty-five degrees from vertical is three each for Zone II and four each for Zone III.

            (3) All designated tie points on the perimeter side walls shall be equipped with vertical and diagonal ties with stabilizer devices. When tie points are not designated on the side walls, diagonal ties with stabilizer devices shall be spaced a maximum of ten feet for Zone I, eight feet for Zone II, and six feet six inches for Zone III.

            (4) Anchors and support piers shall be installed at the center line of each opening over five feet. Support piers shall be installed on each end of the marriage wall and at other locations that may be identified on the marriage wall.

            (5) Shear wall interior partition wall which attaches to the side wall and is thirty-six inches or longer shall have vertical ties and support piers installed at each end.

            (6) All foundations and piers shall comply with the requirements of this Part.

            (7) Multiple section homes shall be mechanically fastened every twenty-four inches at the bottom, end walls, and roof.

            (8) A minimum thirty gauge, eight inch wide, galvanized strip shall be centered over the peak and fastened with galvanized roofing nails at two inches on center at both sides of center line.

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