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      RS 51:912.27     


§912.27. Licensure of installers and transporters; adoption of rules; compliance with installation instructions; disposition of fees

            A.(1) The commission shall, by rule adopted in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, provide for the licensure of installers and transporters of manufactured and modular homes and the implementation and collection of an annual license fee and an installation permit sticker fee. The installer's and transporter's license fee shall be one hundred twenty-five dollars per license, and the installation permit sticker fee shall be twenty dollars. Further, a licensed installer shall be allowed to perform the functions of a transporter without having to obtain that license.

            (2) After January 1, 2004, prior to receiving an original license, installers shall attend a certification course offered by the commission or a commission-approved provider and pass an accompanying test. The fee for any course offered by the commission shall be set by rule and shall not exceed one hundred dollars.

            (3) Installers shall be required to attend one continuing education course per year. The individual required to attend the continuing education course is the individual license holder. For corporations, an officer of the corporation shall attend the course. For partnerships, a partner shall attend the course. The commission shall set the educational requirements and approve educational course providers and the course materials for all continuing education classes. The commission shall have the authority to suspend these continuing education requirements, for one or more licenses, if the commission, in its discretion, determines such action is warranted due to extraordinary circumstances.

            B. It shall be unlawful for any person, other than the homeowner or a licensed installer, to perform an installation of a manufactured or modular home, whether or not such person receives compensation for such action. For the purposes of this Subsection, community owners or park operators of manufactured or modular homes shall not be considered homeowners if the home in question is or will be leased at any time.

            C. Any installer or homeowner installing a manufactured or modular home in this state shall first obtain an installation permit sticker from the commission which shall be affixed to the side of the home at the point where electrical power is connected to the home. All installation permit stickers shall be affixed within ten days of delivery of the manufactured or modular home, unless extenuating circumstances are shown.

            D. Any installation of a manufactured or modular home in this state shall be performed in strict compliance with this Part.

            E. All fees collected pursuant to Subsection A of this Section or fines collected pursuant to this Part shall be used exclusively for the maintenance and operation of the commission.

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