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      RS 56:142     


§142.  Catahoula lake area; operation of mud boats for purpose of hunting or fishing prohibited

A.  The operation in the area of Catahoula Lake north and west of the Little River line of power-driven air boats for the purpose of fishing or hunting, and particularly for the hunting of wild geese and ducks, and for the purpose of constructing duck blinds on the Catahoula Lake is hereby prohibited.  

B.  Violation of the provisions of this Section constitutes a class two violation.  

C.  The Wildlife and Fisheries Commission or its agents shall enforce the provisions of this Section.  

Added by Acts 1960, No. 292, §§1 to 3.  Amended by Acts 1981, No. 837, §3; Acts 1993, No. 242, §1.  

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