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      RS 56:153     


§153.  Design, marketing, and sale of duck stamps and prints

The department shall provide by regulation for the annual creation of duck stamps and duck stamp prints, the manner of selection of an artist and the manner of reproduction, distribution, marketing and sale of such stamps and prints.  Purchase of such stamps and prints shall not authorize the purchaser to hunt, take, possess, or transport ducks in the state of Louisiana.  The secretary is hereby authorized to sell such stamps and prints by the method he deems to be most beneficial to the department, including public or private auction or direct sale to an individual, group, or organization.  The cost for a resident duck stamp shall be five dollars and fifty cents and the cost for a nonresident duck stamp shall be twenty-five dollars.  The department shall retain exclusive ownership and production rights to the design for reproduction of duck stamps and prints to sell to hunters, collectors, and other interested persons.  Upon completion of this process, the original artwork shall be returned to the artist.

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