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      RS 56:1687     


§1687. Secretary, Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism; powers

            The secretary of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism may:

            (1) Accept from any person, corporation, association, or other entity, municipal, state, or federal government, or from any other agency, gifts, contributions, bequests, or donations of money or other personal property, lands, water bottoms, or other immovable property to be expended or used for establishing, developing, improving, or maintaining any office of state parks holding.

            (2) Enter into agreement with the federal government or any other agency, or both, for acquiring by lease, purchase, or otherwise, such lands as are desirable for office of state parks holdings.

            (3) Acquire in the name of the state by purchase, lease, agreement, expropriation or otherwise, any lands or water bottoms deemed necessary or desirable for the most orderly development or improvement of office of state parks holdings.

            (4) Construct and maintain canals and ditches, through any lands of private individuals or corporations, sufficient to properly drain any office of state parks holding; the right of way for such canals and ditches may be acquired in the same manner as lands or water bottoms for office of state parks holdings.

            (5) When lands are acquired or leased under this Part, make expenditures from any fund not otherwise obligated, for the management, development, and utilization of such areas, sell or otherwise dispose of products from such lands, and make any rules and regulations necessary to carry out the provisions of this Part.

            (6) Sell, lease, or sublease lands under the jurisdiction of the office of state parks when he believes it advantageous to the state to do so in the most orderly development and improvement of the office of state parks holdings but only in accordance with the sale and lease laws of public lands of the state of Louisiana and the provisions of R.S. 36:204.

            (7) For a public purpose, engage in cooperative endeavors with the state and its political subdivisions, or political corporations, with neighboring states in the United States, or the agencies of either, or with any public or private association, corporation or individual in matters relating to acquiring, except by expropriation, planning, establishing, developing, improving or maintaining any park, parkway or recreational area.

            (8) Construct and operate suitable public service privileges and conveniences on any office of state parks holding, and collect reasonable fees and charges for the use of such facilities.

            (9) Charge a fee and collect rents and other payments for the leasing of concessions or granting of other privileges in or on an office of state parks holding. Such leases shall otherwise be granted in accordance with applicable requirements of the public bid law of the state, state procurement laws, procedures of the division of administration, and other applicable provisions of law that govern the granting of leases, concessions, or other privileges on such holdings, including R.S. 23:3023.

            (10) Exchange lands when it is necessary to do so in order to obtain other lands of value by the office of state parks. However, lands which have been incorporated as a part of an established state park shall be exchanged only after receiving approval for such exchange by the legislature of the state of Louisiana and after the advertisement provisions of Paragraph (6) of this Section have been complied with. However, exchanges of property that have been agreed to by the parties and for which written approval has been granted by the office of facility planning and control, division of administration, prior to the effective date of this Paragraph, shall not be required to comply with advertisement provisions of this Paragraph nor shall it require approval of the legislature. Nor shall any property that has been authorized for transfer to and used by a political subdivision through a cooperative endeavor agreement, which agreement has been executed prior to the effective date of this Paragraph, require approval of the legislature in order to effect the transfer of property.

            (11) In consultation with the board of commissioners of the Poverty Point Reservoir District, make, alter, amend, and promulgate rules and regulations, in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act, to regulate recreational uses of any body of water located wholly within Poverty Point Reservoir State Park; however, such rules and regulations shall be subject to and shall not conflict with the constitutional authority of the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission.

            (12)(a) Sell certain state park lands as described below, in exchange for consideration proportionate to the appraised value of the property, and use the proceeds of that sale to acquire property to expand existing park areas in Union Parish, to add new facilities on existing park areas in Union Parish, or for general repairs and improvements to existing facilities on existing park areas within Union Parish.

            (b) That certain parcel of land comprising 90 acres, more or less, excluding mineral rights, situated within the city of Farmerville and along the shoreline of Lake D'Arbonne in Sections 25 and 36, Township 21 North, Range 1 West, Union Parish, Louisiana.

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