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      RS 56:172     


§172.  Killing of birds or animals; sale; trapping regulations; exporting live specimens

A.  Any licensee may kill or sell such animals or birds provided for in this Subpart at any time, except that domesticated species of wild game birds or wild waterfowl, killed by shooting, shall not be bought, sold or traded under the provisions of this Subpart.  

B.  Wild nongame quadrupeds raised on such licensed breeding farms or preserves may be taken for their pelts only in the open seasons, as prescribed by law.  Special parish closed seasons do not apply to such licensed breeders or propagators.  The tax, as fixed by law, shall be paid before the raw pelts are shipped out of the state and a written affidavit as to the number and kinds shipped out of the state shall be furnished the secretary monthly during the open season on such quadrupeds.  

C.  Any licensed breeder, after receiving a shipping permit furnished by the department on application, may ship live specimens outside the state for breeding, scientific, or educational purposes.  

D.  Any licensed breeder may possess or sell such animals or birds for food as hereinafter set forth in this Subpart.  

Amended by Acts 1974, No. 717, §1; Acts 1981, No. 736, §1.  

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