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      RS 56:1751     



§1751.  Grand Isle beach area; cleaning; maintenance

A.  Subject to an appropriation of fifty thousand dollars annually to be provided in the general appropriation for the operations of the Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism and specifically designated for such purpose, the town of Grand Isle, Jefferson Parish, shall be responsible for the cleaning and continuous maintenance of that portion of Grand Isle beach within Jefferson Parish, more particularly described as all that portion of the southern shore of Grand Isle bounded on the west by Grand Isle State Park West, on the east by Grand Isle State Park East, specifically excluding any portion of said shore included within Grand Isle State Park East and Grand Isle State Park West, on the north by the existing and future portions of the hurricane protection levee, and on the south by the waterline of the Gulf of Mexico.  

B.  The Department of Culture, Recreation and Tourism is authorized to assist the town of Grand Isle in cleaning and maintaining the Grand Isle beach.  

Amended by Acts 1980, No. 827, §1.  

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