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      RS 56:1803     


§1803.  Agreements with United States; coordination

The assistant secretary of the office of state parks, hereinafter called "state liaison officer", may enter into contracts and agreements with United States or any appropriate agency thereof, keep financial records and other records relating thereto, and furnish to appropriate officials and agencies of the United States such reports and information as may be reasonable and necessary to enable such officials and agencies to perform their duties under such federal programs.  In connection with obtaining for the state of Louisiana the benefits of any such program, the state liaison officer shall coordinate its activities with and represent the interest of all agencies and departments of the state and of the parish, municipal, and other governmental units and subdivisions of the state of Louisiana having interest in the planning, development, and maintenance of outdoor recreation resources and facilities within the state.  

Amended by Acts 1980, No. 827, §2; Acts 1982, No. 329, §2, eff. July 18, 1982.  

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