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      RS 56:1832     


§1832.  Wild Louisiana Stamp

A.(1)  In addition to other methods of funding available for the implementation of this Chapter, the department is authorized to issue and promote the sale to the general public of Wild Louisiana Stamps, which shall not exceed ten dollars for each stamp.  The department may also issue a Wild Louisiana Stamp that is valid for one day which shall cost two dollars.  The stamps shall be available for sale at all locations at which hunting or fishing licenses are also available and shall be made available for purchase through a self-service facility located at the entrance to those lands subject to R.S. 56:109(D).

(2)  The secretary shall provide to the administrators and managers of department administered lands Wild Louisiana Stamps which shall be available for sale to the general public from designated department personnel assigned to those lands.  Wild Louisiana Stamps shall also be available for sale at department district offices and at those administrative offices located on department administered lands.

B.  The proceeds from the sale of these stamps shall be placed into the special account within the Conservation Fund known as the "natural heritage account" and shall be used solely for the implementation and administration of Parts I, II, III, and IV of this Chapter and the natural heritage and nongame programs within the department.

C.(1)  The department shall provide by regulation the form and design of the "Wild Louisiana Stamp".  The stamp shall depict a representative Louisiana nongame species or natural habitat.  The regulations shall determine the manner by which an artist shall be selected to create the stamp art.  The artist and subject for the stamp print shall be selected with the objective of yielding the maximum return to the department from the sales of stamps and prints.

(2)  The department shall negotiate with the Wild Louisiana stamp artist and the stamp art publisher the terms by which limited edition prints of the stamp art will be made available and sold to the public with the objective of maximizing sales of prints and the return to the department from those sales.

(3)  The department's share of the proceeds from the sales of the Wild Louisiana stamp print shall be paid to the natural heritage account within the Conservation Fund.

D.  Wild Louisiana Stamps provided for in this Section may be purchased with a qualified credit card in accordance with the rules of the department adopted pursuant to R.S. 56:642.

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