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      RS 56:1833     


§1833.  Wild Louisiana Guide License

A.  The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission is authorized to adopt rules and regulations to create and govern a licensing program for persons who conduct outings on lands for purposes other than hunting or fishing for which a Wild Louisiana Stamp may be required pursuant to R.S. 56:109(D).

B.  The commission may establish a Wild Louisiana Guide License and impose a fee for such license that may not exceed one hundred dollars annually.

C.  The commission may require a licensed Wild Louisiana guide to pay to the department a client fee not to exceed two dollars per trip for each person accompanying the guide on such lands.  The guide shall not be required to pay the client fee for those persons who possess a valid Louisiana hunting or fishing license or Wild Louisiana Stamp.  The commission may require the guide to submit, along with the payment of the client fees, the names and addresses of persons for which the client fee has been paid.

D.  Persons accompanying a licensed Wild Louisiana guide for whom the guide is required to pay a client fee pursuant to Subsection C of this Section shall not be required to possess a Wild Louisiana Stamp or possess a hunting or fishing license.

Acts 1997, No. 129, §1.

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