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      RS 56:1922     


§1922.  Acquisition of land

A.  The secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries may acquire land by purchase, exchange, gift or otherwise for additions to the state's portfolio of natural lands, state parks, state forests and wildlife and fishery management areas or because such areas exhibit other important features of the natural landscape that are of interest to the state.  In determining whether sites shall be acquired, the secretary shall consider whether the site is:

(1)  Identified as having high priority recreation, forestry, fishery, wildlife or conservation value.  

(2)  A prime natural feature of the Louisiana landscape, such as a major river, stream, or bayou, its tributaries and watershed, an island or coastal wetland, a significant littoral, estuarine, or aquatic site or any other important geologic feature.  

(3)  A habitat for native plant or animal species which may be threatened or endangered.  

(4)  An example of a native ecological community.  

(5)  Environmentally significant and is threatened with conversion to incompatible or ecologically irreversible uses.  

(6)  Adjacent to a natural and scenic river, stream, or bayou.  

B.  Prior to its acquisition each site shall be evaluated by the department to determine if threatened or endangered species inhabit or use the site or to determine if the site is of special ecological quality or has other outstanding natural values as a community of living things.  

Acts 1988, No. 492, §1, eff. July 9, 1988.  

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