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      RS 56:1923     


§1923.  Wildlife Habitat and Natural Heritage Trust

A.  There is hereby established within the treasury a special fund to be known as the "Wildlife Habitat and Natural Heritage Trust", hereinafter referred to as the "trust", the funds of which may be used solely for the purposes of this Part.  The secretary of the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries may use the funds deposited to the trust for the purpose of acquiring and managing lands pursuant to this Part.  The secretary may accept funds from any source including public and private donations and grants which are to be deposited into the trust.  

B.  Monies in the trust shall be invested as provided by law.  All interest earned on investment of monies in the fund shall be deposited in and credited to the trust.  The monies in the trust shall be used solely in accordance with the terms and conditions of the trust and only in the amounts appropriated each year by the legislature.  At the end of each fiscal year, all unexpended and unencumbered monies in the trust shall remain in the trust.  

Acts 1989, No. 290, §1.  

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