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      RS 56:193     


§193.  Wildlife biologists; duties; qualification

A.  To ensure the effective protection and propagation of wild birds and game of the state, the secretary shall employ such personnel as are necessary and are funded by the legislature to carry out the provisions of this program.  

B.  Biologists appointed pursuant to Subsection A shall be permanent status commissioned employees of the commission, shall administer Louisiana Acres for Wildlife by supplying environmental assistance to qualified landowners or lessees on an annual basis to improve the habitat for wildlife in the state.  This assistance may include, but is not limited, to providing seed packages and plant bundles for planting and educational instruction and wildlife habitat evaluation surveys to qualified landowners or lessees.  This program shall include dissemination of instructional material in an endeavor to guarantee that certain land throughout the state shall be utilized for wildlife habitats.  

C.  The Louisiana Acres for Wildlife program shall use its resources to:

(1)  Instruct and train qualified personnel as to the policies and procedures for administering the program.  

(2)  Supply personnel, farmers, landowners, lessees, and cooperating agencies with pertinent brochures, handouts, and other information containing management techniques and applications.  

(3)  Properly suggest and prepare wildlife management recommendations.  

(4)  Develop and maintain a close working relationship with other state and federal agencies that have similar or corresponding programs directly or indirectly affecting private land development and management.  

D.  To be eligible to participate in this program, a plot of land shall be at least one acre in size and be utilized as either farmland, wetland, woodland, or pasture.  This program is entirely voluntary, and landowners and other participants who choose to participate in this program shall agree that plots shall be maintained and management practices on such lands shall be continued for at least one year.  Land within parks and outdoor recreation areas, and public wildlife management areas, refuges, and other publicly owned lands where wildlife management has already been implemented are ineligible to participate in this program.  Qualification for participation in this program shall be determined by rules and regulations promulgated by the commission not inconsistent with law.  

Added by Acts 1979, No. 481, §1.  Amended by Acts 1981, No. 736, §1.  

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