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      RS 56:1946     



§1946.  Highland Road; designation

The purpose of this Part is to designate the Highland Road in East Baton Rouge Parish as an historic road and scenic parkway.  It is the intention of the legislature to commemorate the area, once known as the Dutch Highlands, through which runs the Highland Road, as an area settled under Spanish rule, in what was then West Florida, by settlers of predominantly German ancestry, beginning in 1785; being an area bounded on its southerly side by Bayou Fountain; being the first high land along the Mississippi River north of the Gulf of Mexico, which was developed as farm land and plantations; through which the winding, scenic Highland Road began over two hundred years ago to connect the homes of the early settlers with each other, and to provide access to the village of Baton Rouge; and along Highland Road there have endured to the present time homes built late in the eighteenth century and early in the nineteenth century in the distinctive Louisiana manner of cypress half-timbers and bousillage; and which has retained much of its pastoral beauty and residential character.  

Acts 1989, No. 467, §1.  

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