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      RS 56:1949     



§1949.  Old Perkins Road; designation

The purpose of this Part is to designate a part of the Old Perkins Road in East Baton Rouge Parish and in Ascension Parish as a historic road. It is the intention of the legislature to commemorate this area, once sought after by early landowners for its rich soil; intersected by historic Bayou Manchac, known in its early days as Iberville Bayou; developed as dairy land by the Kleinpeter family who continue to this day to operate the Kleinpeter Dairy on the same location; and original home to the Old Santa Maria Dairy developed on this picturesque Old Perkins Road which began as a main artery to provide a transportation route for early settlers to connect Ascension Parish to the village of Baton Rouge, and which has, with its splendorous flora, retained the beauty reminiscent of an earlier era.

Acts 1997, No. 705, §1.

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