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      RS 56:1953     


§1953.  Louisiana Colonial Trails; requirements; designations

A.  The Louisiana Colonial Trails is hereby created and shall be composed of the following roads:

(1)  El Camino Real

(2)  The Texas Road (also called the San Antonio Road)

(3)  Nolan's Trace

(4)  Red River Stage Road

(5)  Harrisonburg Road

(6)  Thompson Ferry Road

(7)  White Sulphur Springs Road

(8)  Walker Ferry Road

(9)  Hebrard Ferry Road

(10)  Catahoula Lake Road

(11)  The Doty Road

(12)  Old Texas Road

B.  In order to include a road or trail in the Louisiana Colonial Trails system, the road or trail shall be more than ten miles in length, documented by acceptable historical data, and identified on historical maps or by other means, as a route used by a substantial number of travelers during the years from 1803 until approximately 1850 to settle in Louisiana, Texas, and the West, branching from the Natchez Trace at Vidalia, Louisiana, across the Mississippi River from Natchez, Mississippi.  

Added by Acts 1982, No. 57, §1.  

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